The summer rental offers the opportunity to discover the trails and the most beautiful places in the surrounding territories of Madesimo.
From our headquarters you may reach the top of Alpe Motta, then down through the valley and up to the summer grazing of the Andossi and then down again to the Montespluga Lake. You may also face, easily with our, the famous Splügenpass.
We offer different paths (in lengths and difficulties), suitable to everyone!

On booking the excursions will be guided and assisted by members of our team who will ride with you along the entire route, so you can make the most with your assisted-bicycles and enjoy the scenery around you! Call us and ask more information about guide tracks…

For the rental is required a deposit of Euro 100,00 and delivery of your passport as security.

EQUIPMENT: The Adventure Team provides, included in the rental price, bike helmet, 20liters waterproof backpack, complete outer gear (jacket/pants wind breaker). Water Bottle NOT supplied.

SUGGESTED DRESS CODE: soft hiking boots or sneakers, breathable stretch clothing, shorts or half leg pants, sunglasses. Spare socks and spare underwear shirt. Water bottle.