The Adventure Team Madesimo organizes snowmobile excursions in some of the best peaks of the Alps. Lead by our instructors, you will have the opportunity to go in fantastic places, such as the Spluga Pass: along frozen lakes you’ll find yourself at an altitude of 2300 m, within a walking distance from the Swiss border.
Many destinations where you can only arrive by snowmobile, through marked trails already prepared for you: across mountains, climbs and descents, icy streams, forests and much more to deal with, always running on the snow.
You will drive your snowmobile, guided and assisted by experienced staff’s member.
Recommended and not provided clothing: full mountain clothing, gloves, cap, mask or sunglasses.
It is required possession and show off of DRIVING LICENCE for those who want to drive a snowmobile.


Excursion “La Cava”

Starting from Montespluga at an altitude of 1908 m, we cover the first part of our route on a perfectly snow-covered slope, marked and groomed every day by our snowcats…

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Excursion “Andossi & Cava”

Fun and articulated route through the Andossi mountains … fun hairpin bends and gentler curves will give you the chance to get to know your snowmobile. Fun and pure adrenaline … until you raise your eyes to the sky…

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Excursion “Passo Spluga”

One of the most beautiful, most complete and exclusive excursions in Italy …A route of about 45 km to the Swiss border … up to 2200 metres!

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Excursion “Passo e Lago”

Spluga Pass + Lago Nero: the perfect combo for snowmobile lovers.

Accompanied by our instructors, you can fully enjoy the experience of driving on snow.

Combining two tracks with different gradients and difficulties, fun is guaranteed!

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“Top Adventure” tour

Are you still not satisfied? Do you want to go beyond the traditional tourist trip? Do you want to learn more snowmobile driving techniques? If you want to challenge the laws of gravity by…

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Sport snowmobile excursion

Load up with adrenaline with our sport snowmobiles, always with the support of our guides, you will be the real protagonist!